AmbioDisk_BrightThe AmbioDisk™ is a tissue graft (allograft) from a human donor’s amniotic membrane. The membrane is composed of three layers rich in collagen, which are used as a whole for reconstructive corneal treatment. The AmbioDisk™ is transplanted onto the eye’s surface and can be used to patch or completely replaced damaged corneal tissue. The advanced procedure can be used to treat the following:

  • Excessive wear and damage of the cornea
  • Disorders of the outermost layer of the eye (epithelium) that are unable to heal
  • An ulcer affecting nerve tissue
  • Corneal inflammation (keratitis) following an infection (seasonal, bacterial, or herpetic)
  • Severe burn caused by heat or chemicals

The allograft is taken from donors who go through an extensive screening process for safety precautions. The graft then resides in a sterilized environment until transplanted onto the eye. Before the procedure, the AmbioDisk™ can be altered for the best possible fit. Your surgeon will then place the thin allograft on the cornea, while ensuring it is smooth against the eye’s surface. It is then affixed to the eye with a suture or special tissue adhesive. A contact lens can also be used to help the AmbioDisk stay in place.

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